Brought to you by K-FML…

The time is 2:17 AM, currently a mild 59 degrees here in downtown Oakland and this number goes out to Chy from Universe. Chy, Universe wants you to know “he’s really sorry he hurt you but couldn’t help noticing you looked just a smidge too peaceful these days.” He says he just wants to “make sure you never forget your singular and static role carved into this beautiful and elaborate game of life.” Continue reading

Potty Training Progress – Part One

Many of the hits I get are from searches about potty training and since my only post about potty training my son is pretty unhelpful, I wanted to write an update now that we’ve made some actual progress. We’re not quite “there” yet but we’ve broken major ground. Continue reading

Multiply your lifetime by whole numbers

This post is going to be a short one since it’s such a simple, awesome concept.
I had to share it with all (4) of you because it’d be wrong to keep it to myself.

The other day, my bad-ass boss said something that completely blew my mind. He’d just gotten back from visiting his 94-year old father in So Cal and shared with me the best conversation ever. The subject of aging had come up between him and his parents at which point, my boss (who is in his mid-50s) started lamenting the fact that his life is now “half over” when his father interrupted with some powerful insight Continue reading

I used to be funny. Seriously.

I used to be funny. No really, I was. I swear! I used to have people rolling. Either with me or at me – they both count, as far as I’m concerned. Ok, I may have had a little help from booze but it was more than that. I come from a long line of funny. My dad is almost too funny. I was even funny as a kid. Always puttin’ on The Chy Show.

Lately however, I have become the world’s dullest snoozefest. I don’t mean that I’m boring (I’ve always been boring), I mean that I’m no longer funny. And I’m pretty sure I don’t care. Almost positive, actually. The only reason I even bring it up is because now that I’ve inserted myself more into this internety world, I’ve been exposed to a really weird sampling of people that I previously did not know existed. Continue reading

Cruel tourist, you can’t stay here…

I recently had a little facebook interaction that started out ridiculously fun but then pretty quickly turned sour. I’m going to unload it here because it (very) indirectly brought up one of the most hardcore emotional ass-kickings that a person can ever go through and I figure it deserves some discussion.
(Emotional ass-kicking in life I mean, not on stupid facebook.)

★ Before I start, I should mention I have no permission from anyone to discuss any of this but hey – you drag me into the mud, don’t be surprised when I air the dirty laundry.

It started because I made a perfectly tame wisecrack on a photo of some guy I barely know. Immediately, a totally bizarre comment exchange with his ex-wife ensued. This was followed by an even more bizarre private message from her. Apparently, Continue reading

So… are tomboys extinct now or what?

When I was growing up, little girls generally seemed to fall into 1 of 2 categories: girly-girls and tomboys. (Of course there were exceptions but for now, I’m just talking about the rule.) These days however, I can’t help but notice little girls seem to be falling into 1 of 2 new categories: princesses or weird, pastel-earth-toned, newsie-looking-ragamuffins. Umm… both of these are girly-girls. The only real difference seems to be the tax bracket of the parents.

So what happened to the tomboys? The little girls who just wanted to be “kids”? Who wore jeans and T-shirts and played outside, unafraid of getting dirty or scraped up?

I thought I might just be surrounded by this bummer homogenization because I live in the city so I started paying closer attention. Sure enough, Continue reading